Who Should Attend?

   "        CIOs & CTOs
   "        IT Directors and VPs
   "        Policy Makers
   "        IT & Business Leaders
   "        Investors
   "        Entrepreneurs
   "        Academics
   "        Consultants and Auditors
   "        Process owners
   "        IT Practitioners
   "        Managers of:
         o        Information Security
         o        IT infrastructure
         o        Service Support
         o        Quality Assurance
         o        Service Level Managers
         o        Service Delivery
         o        Service/Help Desk

Welcome To Our Exciting Training and Certification Workshops!

As the only non-profit and unbiased international forum, dedicated to service management and governance standards and best practices, the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and the IT Service Management Forum “itSMF” are proud to present the Training and Certification Workshops in Service Management and Corporate Governance.

Training Workshops

In the current business world, service management and governance delivery value and enable better IT business integration, strategic alignment, enterprize risk management, security and business continuity. Our educational offerings are intended to equip participants with the knowledge and tools to implement internationally recognized standards and best practices at their organizations. Our training targets all organizational levels, be that the top level decision maker or executive who needs to make quick and knowledgeable decisions, or the customer or end user that needs to be able to utilize the service that they need to accomplish their task. This comprehensive training will put the candidates on the path to achieve their required and internationally accredited certification.

Certification Programs:

3 Tracks and 6 courses

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