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Welcome To A Comprehensive Series of Executive Events!

As the only non-profit and unbiased international forum, dedicated to service management and governance standards and best practices, the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and the IT Service Management Forum “itSMF” are proud to present the Executive Series in Service Management and Corporate Governance.

Seminars and Roundtables

The itSMF Gulf and the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce bring to you the Jeddah Executive Series discussing leading edge IT Service Management and Governance standards, and a comprehensive Business Continuity strategy that makes it easy for executives to demonstrate the value that they have created in terms of increased revenue, reduced costs and reduced risks.

20th April 2010 @ 9am - 2pm
Corporate Governance
Effective corporate governance is key to the integrity of corporations, financial institutions and markets, and central to the health of our economies and their stability.

Khalid Deeb - General Manager and Founder of the Abu Dhabi Center for Corporate Governance.  With over 15 years of extensive experience in governance and audits, leading the internal audit of the Abu Dhabi chamber.

21st April 2010 @ 9am - 2pm
Service Management Standards
IT Executives increase their opportunity to succeed when they follow Service Management and Corporate Governance guidelines to align their IT initiatives with the goals and objectives of the business.

Feras Abou Shackra - Chairman and Founding member of the itSMF Gulf. Feras is recognized for his outstanding achievements in standards and best practices of the ISO, ITSM and ITIL realms.

Nasser El Hout - Managing Director of the Service Management Center of Excellence. An exceptional track record of over 16 years in informational technology, operations, management and consulting.

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